About Peppers

A great amount of research was done to meet our goals, such as visiting the marketplaces in Mexico to find the top flavors and recipes being used throughout Mexico. 
We studied the core of Mexican culture so that we can bring back some of that and incorporate that lifestyle to the Peppers brand. 

Peppers goal is to serve the most authentic Mexican dishes prepared by top Mexican chefs. The owner and founder of Peppers, David Gonzalez, was born and raised in Mexico and has fused together his own family recipes along with ones from the other chefs.

our journey for PERFECTION


The Peppers philosophy is to constantly work hard bringing to life the brand, which is the most authentic Mexican cuisine in the City. Only the highest quality ingredients will be used on all of our menu items. 

Every guest will enjoy exceptional service , outstanding food, and hopefully will know that whenever they walk into Peppers Mexican Grill, they are surrounded by authentic Mexican culture.