Did you know that three-quarters of American consumers want new and exciting flavors in ethnic cuisines? In fact, two-thirds are even seeking bolder flavors and new foreign foods on a regular basis. This reveals the nation's piqued interest in unconventional cooking. Luckily, the United States is home to a great number of vastly different cultures, and therefore a wide variety of authentic cuisines. For those seeking bold, fragrant, and frankly, fantastic food, consider sampling some authentic Mexican dishes. Obviously, you can go out and get the Americanized version of 'Mexican', but the true flavor of Mexican cuisine is quite different.

How To Spot Authentic Mexican Food

One of the best signs that you are in an honest to goodness Mexican restaurant is when English is clearly the waiter's second language. Corn tortillas, salsa verde, and simplicity are often other hallmarks of an authentic Mexican restaurant. Just pay attention to the restaurant and the food. If it feels right, you're probably in for a treat. Here are some examples of traditional Mexican dishes you might find at an authentic restaurant.

  1. Flautas
    A rolled masa or flour tortilla filled with beef or chicken, lettuce and sour cream. They are wrapped up and fried minutes before serving. This ensures they are hot and have the best balance on your palate.
  2. Ropa Vieja
    Slow braised beef that's been marinated in a slightly spicy and full flavored adobo, then sheared to serve over rice and beans. A deliciously simple dish that has plenty of protein and nutrients and is packed full of flavor.
  3. Burrito Classico
    A traditional burrito has rice, beans, pico de gallo, and sour cream. Mix it up with meat, but most authentic Mexican cuisine tries to keep it simple, allowing the flavors to speak for themselves.

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