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When you're craving Mexican food on the go, it may seem like you won't have any healthy options. But just because you want a tasty, flavor-filled meal doesn't mean that you have to consume a large amount of carbs, gooey cheese, and greasy meat with it. Across the country, there are over 38,000 Mexican restaurants that serve authentic Mexican dishes with plenty of healthy options when you try these tips.

Opt For Veggies

In almost any Mexican dish you can replace the protein with a vegetable mix. Whether you're leaning towards tacos, burritos, or fajitas, try filling it with peppers, tomatoes, onions, and whatever other enticing veggies they offer. If you're worried that by choosing this option you won't get the spices and flavors of the typical Mexican food on the go, have no fear. These colorful goodies are packed with flavor and are surprisingly filling. Another great replacement for potentially fatty meats is beans. In burritos especially, beans are so perfect at absorbing flavor you won't even notice that missing meats.

Pass On Flour Tortillas

When you want the satisfaction of eating a well-wrapped burrito or a properly-encased taco, try asking for corn tortillas instead of flour. Corns tortillas are a whole grain, making them a healthier carb option than the typical flour tortillas. If you want to pass on carbs altogether, try a lettuce wrap. Even for Mexican food on the go, lettuce serves as sturdy packaging and soaks up the flavors in your veggies or meats. They also make for a very satisfying crunch as you take bites of your delicious dish.

Build Your Own

When you order a dish that comes in separate parts that you can put together, you can control your portion sizes and any extra sauces that go on it. This trick goes especially well with fajitas. They're easy to customize, so you can exclude dairy while packing in veggies like mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, and onions. Fajitas typically come with rice and beans on the side, allowing you to add in healthy plant protein in portions that you prefer. You can also ask for a corn tortilla to wrap it all up in, and guacamole on the side. As a topping packed with healthy fats, guacamole is delicious in almost any dish you can imagine.

Next time you want to eat healthily, don't think that you have to stick with simple salads. Modify tasty Mexican cuisine with these tricks, and you'll have reached a fine balance of flavor and nutrition.