These days, no one wants to be like everybody else, especially when it comes to wedding planning. If you are a bride that wants to stray away from the status quo, there are so many ways to add creativity to your wedding day. One great way to do so is with your reception food. Here are four non-traditional wedding buffets for the off-the-beaten-path bride. 

Mexican Buffet
Can anyone say taco bar? Whether it's the main course or a late-night snack halfway through the reception, this is a great option for more laid back wedding receptions. Have the best Mexican food at your wedding for dinner, and your guests will love it. Roughly three quarters of people are on the hunt for new flavors in ethnic foods, and two thirds are craving bolder flavors and unfamiliar foods. Take a break from chicken french and baked ziti and satisfy your guests with Mexican cuisine. Mexican dishes like tacos, beans and rice, and enchiladas will be a huge hit at your wedding. 

Southern Soul Food
If you are really looking for something different, channel your southern hospitality. Fry up some chicken, put out corn on the cob, serve the corn bread, and slather everything in barbecue sauce. Your guests will feel like they got off the train in the deep south when they eat your yummy soul food for dinner. 

Carnival Foods
Who doesn't love carnival foods? Chicken fingers, beef on wick, clams, and sish-kabobs will be so fun to dig into for dinner at your reception. Serve up some soft pretzels, fried dough, and cotton candy for dessert for the most fun and creative wedding reception you can think of.

Dessert Buffet
Instead of having a traditional cake, have a dessert buffet instead. It can feature items like cupcakes, cookies, cannoli's, and any other finger dessert you can think of. You guests will be able to snack all night instead of having to sit down and eat cake when it is served. If you're worried about taking the cake pictures, have your baker make a small personal cake for just the two of you. 

If you're looking to break away from the norm for your wedding, make sure you consider changing up the food at your wedding reception. Have a taco bar, try some carnival food, or maybe even some southern soul food. Lastly, ditch the cake and opt for a dessert buffet. Your guests will never forget your unique wedding reception.