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Authentic ethnic cuisine is having a shining culinary moment. Over 75% of consumers report wanting new flavors based in ethnic cuisines, and over 66% are looking for unfamiliar foods with bold, new flavors. Exciting! The best Mexican food introduces you to delicious new fusions of flavor. Unfortunately, we recognize that not everyone feels this way. Whether you're planning a kid's birthday party or know your Aunt Ophelia who lives on meat and potatoes will be disappointed with your wedding fare, don't worry. Mexican-inspired food can be picky eater approved. Most Mexican restaurants and catering have these options available, so they're very familiar to even those who would never venture to have an authentic Mexican experience.



The simple cheese quesadilla is a staple on many a kids' menu. The choice in the filling is so versatile that adults can tailor a quesadilla experience to their likes and dislikes as well. Want to avoid hot sauce or green peppers? You can do that when you make a quesadilla.



Like tiny crispy pizzas, tostadas have all the topping choice of quesadillas with the fun of over-stacked cheese and crackers. Tostadas are especially a great way to get kids to choose fun, healthy toppings to eat over a low-carb crispy tortillas.



Ensalada, or 'salad', is a great choice for adults or kids who don't mind greens but want something more 'familiar' than flautas or guacamole. Many Mexican restaurants feature the popular 'taco salad' and other menu items that feature Hispanic flavors in an Americanized twist.


Carne Asada

A cornerstone of Mexican cuisine is delicious, well-cooked meat. Even Americans who don't venture too far into the realm of Mexican foods can appreciate a juicy, lightly charred plate of carne asada, or "roasted meat". Typically the roast is of a good cut of beef.


Churros y Chocolate

Who in their right mind would turn down a fried cinnamon treat with an indulgent chocolate dip? Spice and cocoa is a combo that goes back to the Aztec empire, but this dessert is all comfort and sweetness. No way even your pickiest party goers would turn does churros y chocolate at the end of your meal.

Is it totally sad when someone doesn't share your love of all of the best Mexican food? Yes, of course. But once you ease them in with these simple picky-approved munchies, maybe next time they'll try a bit of the fish tacos!