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“Variety is the spice of life”! And there’s one type of cuisine that this phrase really fits. What is it? Well, it is authentic Mexican food, of course! Here are five things to look for if you’re wondering how to spot authentic Mexican food.

1. Look for Color 

Having an authentic Mexican meal is really like taking a trip to this beautiful country. Authentic Mexican cuisine is colorful, natural, fresh, varied, and absolutely delicious. Mexican dishes are not only nutritional gold mines, but they are visually appealing; that is actually a great way to spot authentic Mexican food. Bright green, yellow, and red peppers, yellow corn, avocados, and fresh, juicy watermelon...Mexican food is a rainbow of beauty. 

2. Look for Salsa 

Bright red salsa is probably a very popular favorite among everyone in your local Mexican restaurant, and it is one giveaway on how to spot authentic Mexican food. It is made with tomatoes, which are so good for you! And yes, people love salsa. It is actually more popular than mayo and ketchup is the number one condiment in America!

3. Look for Cornmeal

Still wondering how to spot authentic Mexican food? One great way is if you spot a recipe with corn meal. Cornmeal is used in a lot of Mexican food, such as corn tortillas and handmade burritos. Mexican food recipes use lots of vegetables and cornmeal, two ingredients that are great for your body. 

4. Look for Vegetables

Authentic Mexican food is nutritious, thanks to the wide variety of vegetables used in their recipes. Tomatoes, of course, are a staple. But there are other vegetables used as well, such as jicamas, nopales, and chayotes. These vegetables add to the nutritional value of most Mexican food recipes. 

5. Look for Seasonings

With seasonings such as cumin, paprika, coriander, pepper, chili powder, onion flakes, garlic, oregano, crushed red pepper, and salt, there’s always a heat wave in Mexican food recipes! There really is something for everybody.

It’s been reported that about 66% of consumers are looking for flavors that are bold in their food, and to find it, they are willing to try menu items that they are not familiar with. Similarly, consumers are extremely enthusiastic about ethnic cuisines and around 75% are eager to try new flavors, too. Well, they will certainly be satisfied if they try some delicious, nutritious, authentic Mexican food!