So you are planning your wedding and you want everything to be perfect. You have the perfect dress. You've picked out the perfect flowers. Your wedding reception venue is gorgeous. Now you have to decide what kind of food you want to serve at your reception for dinner.

As crazy as this sounds, Mexican food is the perfect selection to serve up on your wedding day. Not only is Mexican cuisine the most popular type of ethnic food today, but it makes up 42% of the ethnic food market in the United States. That being said, your guests will love the Mexican catering that you choose for your reception.

Now that you know you want to have a taco bar of some sorts at your wedding, it's time to decide exactly what dishes to put out for your guests to dig into. Here's an awesome breakdown of traditional Mexican wedding food that would be perfect for your big fiesta.

Main Course

Savory dishes can be one of the best options for your main course, according to Our Everyday Life. Meats like chicken or beef are very popular main dishes to serve at a Mexican wedding reception. So having a taco bar, or maybe an enchilada station, would be the perfect set up for dinner at your reception.

Side Dishes

Speaking of tacos and enchiladas, warm tortillas are typically served at a Mexican wedding reception to wrap the meat in. Rice is also a popular dish that goes along great with a Mexican buffet. Peppers, tomatoes, saffron, and beans pair up very nicely with the rice to enhance the flavor and add a kick to the side dish.


There are two major forms of dessert that are served at a Mexican wedding reception. Mexican cookies and Mexican cake. "The cookies are not extremely sweet, but have a nutty flavor to them, due to the almonds or walnuts that are added to the dough," says Our Everyday Life. As for Mexican wedding cake, there are several options for the bride and groom to choose from. Many of the cakes that are served at a Mexican wedding have fruit toppings and are made sweet with milk, such as tres leches cake.

If you're planning a wedding reception and don't know what to serve for dinner, choose Mexican food! Use this guide to select the best entrees, side dishes, and desserts that your guests will love.