When planning a trip to Miami many visitors include dining at authentic Mexican restaurants on their itinerary. Local foodies surely have diverse opinions on the best Mexican restaurants in Miami Beach depending on each of their taste buds. Whether meal plans call for a fast casual restaurant, taqueria on south beach, or handmade burritos from fine Mexican chefs; the best restaurants should offer all or some of these tasty authentic Mexican foods.

Mexican Food Must Haves

The food at the top of the list must be tacos, of course. Tacos ordered at a Mexican grill are so much more than the tacos made from ground beef mixed with the powdered seasonings sprinkled out of that little packet found in most taco kits purchased at the supermarket. These quick out-of-the-box tacos are great and “Taco Tuesday” has become an American tradition in many households. However, there are a variety of types of tacos that can be made at home and found in many of the top-rated Miami beach Mexican restaurants. For example, Al Pastor tacos which are made with marinated pork sautéed with lemon and pineapple juice, or Pescado tacos that feature tilapia. Many establishments will also offer an option to “build your own taco.” Tacos do not have to be fancy or complicated. Some of the best tacos are the fresh-made, traditionally pulled chicken, grilled steak fajita and vegetable tacos.

A fantastic mole sauce is a must-have! The mole sauce was invented in Mexico and there is some debate because many believe it was created in Oaxaca, while others say it was Puebla. Mole sauce ingredients usually include fruit, various types of chili peppers, nuts, and spices such as cinnamon, cumin, and fresh ground black pepper. Most mole sauce lovers know that there are seven Oaxaca moles. Those sauces are; Negro, which is a black chocolate mole; a red mole called Rojo; Coloradito, the brown mole; and Amarillo, Verde, Chichilo and Manchamantel. Mole sauces can be found served over Mexican dishes such as stuffed poblano peppers, chicken and rice, enchiladas and more. Trying a mole sauce when going to a favorite Mexican food spot in Miami beach is a must.

Since there are 67,391 restaurants serving burritos in the United States, it’s easy to assume that any authentic Mexican menu would feature a selection of burritos. A burrito is usually made from a flour tortilla wrapped around ground beef, shredded chicken or seafood filling mixed with beans and rice. Some burritos are topped with a Verde chili sauce or just sour cream and guacamole. A variety of fish burritos can often be found on menus and are an excellent choice for the seafood lover. Some of the best Mexican restaurants in Miami beach offer their own custom created burritos and let you build your own, so check out menus in advance to find the most creative options available. 

Without a doubt, salsa must accompany any delectable Mexican dish. Not only is it possible to taste the culture in truly traditional salsa, but adding it on top of a burrito, fajita salad or inside of a taco will give each bite a zesty kick. In addition to being delicious, salsa is also known to be the number one condiment nationwide. It’s preferred over ketchup and mayo which seem like they’d be the most favored of all “American” condiment choices.

Whether looking to cater an event with local fare or just visiting the area and want to experience the best Mexican restaurants in Miami beach, be sure to include some of the savory options mentioned above to enjoy a sumptuous and memorable meal.