If you're part of the vast majority of people who enjoy some Mexican cuisine every now and again, then you know that some classic dishes are served in just about every Mexican restaurant you visit. The funny thing is that not every dish that's on the menu, or that you'd think would be on the menu, are actually authentic Mexican dishes. The fact of the matter is that some foods have origins that are unknown to the world, or their stories have been retold so many times they've lost accuracy. That isn't to say that every single dish you eat with a geographical tag is a lie. Dishes like an "American Burger," "Japanese Hibachi," or "Mexican Burrito" can be about as honest as cuisine gets.

So what's the true story behind Mexican cuisine? Modern Mexican food evolved from the food the Mayan Indians prepared around 2000 years ago, but unless you're over two-thousand years old, you probably don't know that for sure. It's probably a pretty good guess though. However, the debate goes into far more detail and pertains to even some of the food served in Mexican restaurants today. There are a few misconceptions and controversy about which foods are actually Mexican.


For people who don't indulge in the cheesy heaven, this section is nacho problem. However, for the hordes of hungry tortilla chip devourers of the world, nachos are a staple. Are they actually a Mexican dish though? This is heavily debated, and many sources, including natives of Mexico, will argue that nachos are an American creation -- more Tex-Mex than authentically Mexican. However, due to the newfound popularity of nachos across the continent, they are served in Mexican restaurants as well.


While there are many beverages both soft and alcoholic that people attribute to Mexican culture, not all of them are all that popular in Mexico. Drinks such as sangria, which is actually a Spanish beverage, is sold in many places but really isn't the most popular choice. Beer and tequila take the cake when it comes to the preference of many natives. Margaritas are popular as well because they're made with tequila, so they're favored by association.

Breakfast Burritos

While breakfast burritos can be very popular on this side of the border, they aren't as common in Mexico. You might find one in a heavily touristy area if you look hard enough, but that's mainly something you visit the states for.

Even though some things may not come from precisely where you thought, that doesn't mean your Tex-Mex favorites aren't perfectly delicious. There are truly authentic dishes served at many Mexican restaurants if you want to really "experience" the food culture.