Americans have had a love affair with Mexican food dating back to when the settlers moved West and South into former Mexican territories. Mexican food became so popular, Americans began using the term Tex-Mex in the 1940s to reflect the merging of the flavors of these two distinct cultures.

The basis of the attraction to Mexican food for non-Mexican Americans might vary from person to person, but would certainly involve the richness and depth of the flavors, the spiciness of the chilies that are so prevalent in the recipes, and simply the fact that the food is so different from traditional American food. For example, instead of serving bread, Mexican cuisine uses tortillas to mop up the moles (sauces).

If you find yourself looking for Mexican delivery near me, you are in luck! Mexican-Americans have been proud to open restaurants and stores using ingredients and recipes passed down through family generations. Due to the immense popularity of the food, most American cities have a number of Mexican restaurants. And more than 70% of American households have Mexican food or its ingredients on hand at any time.

But how will you know, as you prepare to try out a local Mexican restaurant or you're searching online for “Mexican delivery near me,” that you'll be getting the best Mexican food? Some restaurants may have a terrific tequila bar, but are you getting authentic Mexican dishes?

First, check to see what type of tortillas they serve and if they don't have corn tortillas, you're at an Americanized Mexican restaurant. And the corn tortillas must be hand made; authentic Mexican cuisine uses handmade corn tortillas. Large chain restaurants don't have the time to make their ingredients by hand, or on-site.

Then check to see how many varieties of salsa they serve. There should be many varieties and levels of heat. And the salsa should definitely be homemade as well, preferably with fresh local or high quality ingredients.

And what about their specialties? Are they known for delicious homemade tamales, or tender chunks of pork in their amazing chile verde? Some Mexican food connoisseurs insist the quality of the frijoles, or pinto beans, in a Mexican dish can be a true guideline as to the restaurant's overall food quality.

Just remember, when looking for great Mexican delivery near me, you likely won't need to look far. If you do your homework, you can find excellent Mexican restaurants in Miami.