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As a popular companion for late nights on the town and rollicking parties, tequila is either a person's best friend or worst enemy. While too much can certainly leave you feeling a little worse for wear in the morning, research has shown that tequila consumed in moderation has many different health benefits. Whether you're touring the best Mexican restaurants Pinecrest has to offer or looking for the perfect tequila bar Miami has hidden in its streets, ordering your favorite margaritas during the night will benefit your body in a number of ways.

  1. Digestion Aid: The agave plant used to make tequila contains high levels of inulin that help the digestive system grow good bacteria. A bit of tequila before a meal can also stimulate your appetite and boost metabolism. Next time you're out for a meal, bookend it with margaritas or shots of tequila to help your digestion along.

  2. Weight Loss Helper: According to a report from the American Chemical Society, tequila can help shrink your waistline. The natural sugars in agave, called agavins, are non-digestible and act as a dietary fiber, which promotes weight loss.

  3. Dementia Fighter: While there are all too many accounts of someone forgetting an evening's festivities when they've had too much to drink, studies have shown that drinking in moderation could help with memory. When you drink a controlled amount of alcohol like tequila, it can aid in your mind's fight against dementia.

  4. Colon Cleanser: Tequila's parent agave plant contains non-digestible fructans, which are polymers of fructose molecules. Fructans are often used by researchers to help deliver drugs to the colon with the goal of fighting colon diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, and ulcerative colitis.

  5. Diabetes-Friendly: Those same non-digestible agavins that aid in weight loss can also help people with Type Two Diabetes. The agavins don't cause blood sugar to spike, making tequila one of the few adult beverages diabetics can drink. The agavins also help lower glucose levels and increase insulin production.

In the United States, one out of every 10 restaurants sells Mexican cuisine, which pairs perfectly with tequila-based beverages. The next time you're scouring the Mexican restaurants Pinecrest offers, choose one with tequila on the menu to get these health benefits while experiencing a delicious meal.