Mexican cuisine has always been a popular addition to the American banquet, with a 42% share of ethnic food sales in the country -- making it the most popular choice. 

There are numerous popular Mexican restaurants throughout the country that serve authentic Mexican dishes that people love. One of those favorite dishes is the enchilada. 

What is an enchilada?
An enchilada, quite simply, is cheese and meat that has been wrapped in a corn tortilla and is often topped with guacamole, sour cream, onions, peppers, nacho cheese, and so much more. Because it is such a versatile dish that can be modified to fit just about everyone's taste palette, it has been an exceedingly popular food in many restaurants.

Where did the enchilada come from?
Many people believe that the enchilada is a Mayan creation, but it is known for certain that it originated in Mexico and was mentioned in Mexico's first-ever cookbook in 1831 called El Cocinero Mexicano, according to the History of Things. The practice of rolling tortillas around various foods to make new dishes is a common trait in Mexico's food history.

Is it healthy?
Whether or not your enchilada specifically is healthy or not depends on where you got it from and the ingredients used. There are multiple places to source an enchilada, including the frozen foods section of a supermarket, an arbitrarily popular Mexican restaurant, a deli, and you can even make one at home. Typically, a single, average sized beef and cheese enchilada will run you a little over 300 calories and accounts for 45% of the daily value for saturated fat. However, choosing a healthier alternative to the beef such as chicken or fish and subbing out the cheese with a low-fat variety or altogether could significantly lower the caloric value as well as the total fat percentage. 

While enchiladas are a tasty treat, finding the right one can be a difficult task. It's no different than finding that perfect cheeseburger or souffle: trial and error. Luckily, National Enchilada Day is May 5, and you'll have plenty of opportunities to go tasting.