In the U.S. today, Mexican food is one of the most popular types of food we eat — especially when it comes to eating out at a restaurant. An amazing 67,391 restaurants across the country serve burritos, for example!

But there's so much more to Mexican cuisine that many people don't realize. If your knowledge of this cuisine doesn't extend beyond burritos and tacos, you could be missing out in a big way — not just when it comes to the nutritional benefits of Mexican food, but also the many great tastes you haven't yet tried.

So the next time you head to one of the many Mexican restaurants in the U.S., be sure to try one of these delicious, yet overlooked dishes. You'll be happy you did!


Enchiladas are typically corn tortillas filled with meat and covered in cheese and a chili pepper sauce. Their versatility is what makes them such a great choice — they can be filled with any meat and can often include vegetables or potatoes if you're a vegetarian. It's the chili pepper sauce that really makes enchiladas what they are — and it gives them just the right hint of spice, no matter what your usual tolerance level may be.


Tamales are a traditional Mexican favorite as well. They're made from a dough made from corn that's steamed in a corn husk or sometimes a banana or plantain leaf. The wrapping gets taken off before eating the tamale. In addition to the dough, tamales can be filled with meat, cheese, vegetables or even fruits! They're also great for dipping in various sauces.


One of the most authentic Mexican desserts is gelatina, or gelatin. It's more widely known in the States as Jello. In fact, Mexicans eat more gelatin desserts than any other country in the world! Much like other Mexican foods, gelatina can be filled with a variety of ingredients, but is usually filled with fruit or milk is added for a creamier flavor. If it's on the menu at the next Mexican restaurant you visit, give it a try.

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