How To Clean A Flat Top Grill: 10 Easy Methods

It’s great for you to prepare a grilling party for your family and friends. Along with the delicious ingredients, you are expected to keep your grill clean frequently. Here we recommend to you some simple methods as well as tips to clean a flat top grill properly.

It is indispensable for a flat grill in outdoor grilling with family and friends. With this flat grill, you can unleash your creativity and show off your cooking skills like scrambled eggs or pancakes. Your outdoor grilling will be taken to the next level, and no need to worry about outbreak molten fat melts down the coals like a standard grill.

Besides the convenience of flat grills, it also has a slight disadvantage of cleaning because its baking surface area is much larger than that of a conventional grill. But don't worry, we're here to help you with your flat grill cleaning problems. Please read our article carefully to understand the process of 10 easy methods.

Why Is Cleaning Essential?

It is important to clean the flat top grill regularly

For cooking jobs in general and grilling in particular, hygiene is always a top priority because it affects our health. Even though this flat grill is usually used outdoors, you won't let the smell into your kitchen, but you have to be careful about cleaning it. Of course, you will eat with peace of mind and feel more comfortable when your cooking utensils are clean.

Usually, people put much cooking oil or butter on the blister’s surface, which causes the accumulated grease to be mixed with the excess crumbs. It will cause fat to get on the surface of the grill and will look dirty. The accumulation might cause the ingredients to cling to the surface and will not cook uniformly. Moreover, it's a much stricter cleaning if you don't immediately clean the grill. Hence it is vital to get the work done at the earliest opportunity.

Cleaning makes your meal more tasty

The correct time to clean a flat top grill is like walking a cloth. The surface needs to be cool enough to touch but not cool enough for the residue to stick.

Usually, once the grill has cooled down sufficiently, you should begin this procedure that it doesn't burn when you place your hand on the surface. You will get solid after they cool to room temperature when you have prepared meals that include saturated fats (such as butter and bacon fat). It's another indicator that the grill may be cleaned safely. Else the fat may harden so that ordinary cleaning procedures cannot remove it.

Ultimately, remember that you may be able to salvage it if you have a flat top grill already rust damaged. See this video instruction for additional details.

Source Youtube Blackstone Griddles

How To Clean A Flat Top Grill: 10 Easy Methods

Take some high-quality paper towels before you start and use them to clean the grill. Excess grain is absorbed, and any little food that has been left behind can be wiped away.

Methods to clean a flat top grill

1. Use Vinegar and Warm Water

You can combine both vinegar and warm and warm water in the same amount in a small plastic jar. Then turn the grill up high and spray the solution made from vinegar and water

on the grill’s surface, especially the areas with much leftover food. And next, try to apply them evenly on the brush and then shave continuously.

This process, when you repeat it many times, will not affect the surface of the grill. So keep repeating this method until all the residue on the surface is washed away. Finally, use a clean cloth to dry the surface of the blister as it cools.

2. Clean with Dishwashing Liquid

The flat surface may be cleaned more easily with liquid dish soap and water. Push a generous amount of ordinary liquid dish soap into a damp sponge and remove all drippings from the surface. Wash a second towel under hot water to clean it and eliminate any persistent soap remains.

3. Rinse with Lemon Juice

Instead, use a mixture from one part of lemon juice to two parts warm water, continue the process mentioned for Vinegar and Wasser. Some people who find the fragrance and taste of vinegar to be too overwhelming prefer this method.

4. Steam can be beneficial

Steam can help with cleaning your grill. Your job is to turn the grill up high and use the grill brush to remove the residue. Then combine draining the liquid and pouring more water on the surface of the blister, repeating the process until it is clean.

5. Not to mention Hot Oil

You can do this by pouring a small amount of hot oil onto the surface of the grill. Experts recommend using neutral oils, most commonly whole seed oil or peanut oil. After pouring the oil on, you need to turn the heat to medium and mix the oil with the other fats using a pumice stone. When the oil heats up, the residue will be released. At this point, it's simple. You need to wait for it to cool and then blot a paper towel on the surface of the blister to wipe it clean.

6. Soda Water is ideal

If you have soda water available at home, you can use it right away. To do this, follow the instructions below. First, pour a large amount of soda water on the grill’s surface wholly, and it is as effective as any other strategy downright it odd and then rubs it with a pumice stone. Next, scrape any remaining liquid into the side chute to drain after cleaning the entire grill.

7. Combination of Lemon and Soda

Are you thinking of a glass of lemon soda water right away? That's for sure. In addition to the refreshing effect, the mixture of lemon and soda can also clean stains on flat grill surfaces. You can do this by mixing one part lemon juice with four parts soda water and mixing it in a small spray bottle. 

Next, turn on the low heat to heat the grate's surface while removing the burn marks with a grill scraper. After scraping is complete, spray the freshly mixed lemon juice and soda solution on the surface of the blister and wait for about 7 minutes for the residue to come out. Finally, scrub the surface of the blister with a green scouring pad.

8. Take advantage of Onion’s hygienic effect 

Onions may be less well known as an ingredient for cleaning kitchen utensils. Onions have the effect of absorbing drips and removing food debris. Plus, it can give a pleasant food scent to the surface of your blister instead of a chemical smell. The process of implementing this method is quite simple. Cut an onion in half and rub it on a wholly cooled grill.

9. Clean with Coffee

It may appear strange at first glance, but it is as effective as any other strategy if you have any remaining coffee to use. It may seem odd at first glance, but it is as effective as any different strategy if you have any remaining coffee to use. Pour the coffee across the grill surface and wait for 20-30 minutes. Finally, remove the waste by using a grill scraper and drain the liquid to the trough.

10. Using Beer as a detergent

Using beer for cleaning will be faster than using coffee with carbonation. You can clean the flat grill easily by pouring beer evenly over the grill's surface and scrubbing it all over the surface with a brush. Then drain off the liquid and use a paper towel to wipe off any excess beer on the grill.

Additional Tips On Cleaning The Flat Top Grill

Fantastic tips for better cleaning

All parts should be cleaned 

For your flat grill to be very clean, in addition to its surface, you need to pay attention to the remaining parts, such as the water tray and the grease drain pipe. Make sure you clean them regularly to avoid grease build-up and avoid the risk of grease fires.

Deeply consider choosing the most suitable methods

Keep in mind the texture of the flat top grill before you first clean it. You should not insert harsh or abrasive chemicals into the material when it has a chrome coating. Alternatively, eliminate waste with warm water and paper towels. The steam treatment can also work as long as you substitute a clean, soft cloth for a grill brush.

A water and dish soap method will help the mixed grill, but you don't use anything more abrasive than a typical sponge, or you might harm the surface again. Instead, flat grills of stainless steel might accept any penalty you may place, which is part of your ongoing appeal. If you are working with stainless steel, utilize any of the procedures mentioned above.

Show your talent in seasoning for grilled dishes

Clean the surface with paper towels, completely dry. You are expected to utilize oil to grate your grill, and since oil and water don't mix, you want to eliminate all further moisture before you start. Moreover, if a remnant of the cleaning fluid is retained left, you suffer from ruining your next dish. 

Final Thoughts

It will undoubtedly last longer when your equipment is adequately looked for and will help safeguard your investment. Regardless of what method you employ, you're not in unending bother in the long run by understanding how to clean a flat top grill.


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