The 10 Best Mexican Food Dishes, Ranked

Mexico is one of the top four "megabiodiverse" countries of the world, meaning that 60-70% of the planet's diverse plant and animal species are in Mexico. That incredible range of ingredients has given the country a highly distinct culinary tradition that is, in itself, also incredibly diverse.

As difficult as it may be to choose from among all the delicious varieties of Mexican food, we've tried to narrow down our top 10 favorites. See if you agree!

10. Guacamole.

It seems like everyone has their own "secret" guacamole recipe these days, but the authentic way to prepare this avocado dip is with onion, tomato, lime juice, and chiles. Maybe garlic, too, if you're not worried about your breath.

9. Carne Asada

Equating carne asada with just "steak" is one of the sure signs you have never had real Mexican food. True carne asada is all about the charred flavor of the grill, with the right amount of marinade.

8. Elote

This is the name for corn on the cob, a popular street food in many parts of Mexico. Elote is typically slathered with mayonnaise, dusted with chili powder, then sprinkled with lime juice and cotija cheese.

7. Churros

Delicious, deep fried doughnuts. With chocolate or dulce de leche dip. Need we say more?

6. Mole

You can judge Mexican restaurants by the quality of their mole, even though there are many different kinds that vary by region and ingredients. Red, yellow, black, green -- just know that it's all delicious.

5. Tacos al Pastor

Many dishes can be made "al pastor," which means "from the pastor." It involves pork that's grilled on a spit, similar to Middle-Eastern shawarma. In fact, it probably came to Mexico by way of Lebanese immigrants, but has since become one of the best Mexican foods there is.

4. Pozole

If you like grits, you'll love pozole, which is a soup made from hominy with pork, lime, and spices. It's also a celebration dish in Mexico, commonly eaten for New Year's, weddings, and birthdays.

3. Chilaquiles

Chips and salsa for breakfast? Absolutely. Just add some meat, eggs, frijoles, and queso for the Best Gas BBQ Grills you've ever had before 9 a.m.

2. Tamales

A tamale starts with masa corn meal cooked inside a corn husk, combined with whatever fillings you want: meat, cheese, vegetables, even fruits and cinnamon for dessert tamales.

1. Enchiladas

Enchiladas are one of the best Mexican foods because they're versatile, filling, and downright delicious. Corn or flour tortillas are stuffed with a combination of savory fillings and doused in a chile sauce. Usually enchiladas are prepared for a crowd, but you might find you don't want to share.
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Hanna Stracke
Hanna Stracke
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